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Deliver world-class employee experiences with Talentech.


One unified HR platform

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Full talent journey

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Valuable Customer Success

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The world’s leading employers choose our powerful platform to recruit, onboard, and develop their people. Now it’s your turn.

Build a powerful talent ecosystem

Assemble your personalized tech suite from our integrated, best-in-class solutions, and tap into 20+ years of industry expertise.

Streamline HR with automation

Oversee a digital framework that connects and perfects your entire talent journey from one central location.

Evolve to meet tomorrow’s challenges

Have confidence in data-driven, future-proof technology that will empower your people and adapt to your ever-changing needs.


years of experience





1 integrated platform

What Talentech can do for you

Targeted Candidate Attraction

Achieve a better flow of candidates with digital and targeted employee referrals.

Transform Recruitment

Attract better talent, increase efficiency, and optimize candidate experience.

Revolutionize Onboarding

Grow engagement, shorten time-to-productivity, and boost retention.

Activate Talent Management

Modernize administration, enhance performance evaluation, and facilitate long-term development.

Improve Retention

Modernize administration, enhance performance evaluation, and facilitate long-term development.

Optimize Offboarding

Protect your pany with professional and automated offboarding processes.

Our products

What our customers say

9 December, 2020


How Reachmee helps Scandinavia’s largest membership organization

9 December, 2020


The recruitment success of a leading international technical consulting pany

8 September, 2020

Recruitment with The Norwegian Directorate for Education & Training

Explore how the NDET has saved time and reduced the drain on team resources with Webcruiter.

8 September, 2020

Preboarding with ManpowerGroup UK

Discover how ManpowerGroup UK transformed their preboarding processes.

8 September, 2020

Onboarding with Bacardi

Find out how Bacardi has developed a unique onboarding journey filled with engaging, dynamic content.



Want to know more?

Experience Talentech first-hand with a tailored platform demo.

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